What We Do

JETI Cleaner GmbH is all about clean work environments—making sure nothing is transported into your production plant that shouldn’t be there.

We provide complete “hygienic entrance systems” to prevent cross-contamination from any given source.

Our hygienic entrance systems consist of three basic things:

  1. Automated shoe, boot and hand washing units
  2. “JETI Air Shower” sanitation booths
  3. Full customer service: design, installation, maintenance, and training

We work with companies in a variety of industries, including food and beverage, health care, pharmaceutical, automotive, and many others. When it comes to product and employee safety, regulatory compliance, and maximum productivity, JETI can show you the way with our proven hygienic entry systems and expertise.


Our company, which is still family owned, started in the 1960s. We’re based in Oberwesel, near Frankfurt, and got our start from a shoe sole cleaning machine that we patented in Switzerland and that is still used widely for entrances to office and other buildings in Germany and many other countries.

Our next step was developing entrance systems to prevent cross contamination in industrial facilities, particularly food plants, called “Cleanmat.” This shoe and boot cleaning system features low maintenance, water-sealed drives, and outstanding hygienic performance.

In 1997, our family founded the GEBAUER Hygiene & Cleanroom company and added new product lines including systems for air showers, hand hygiene, door mats, and wheel cleaning.

In 2011, we changed our brand to “JETI,” and expanded our operations to Asia, North America, and South America. We have continued to add to our hygienic product offerings and industrial applications.