Semi-Conductor Plant Combines JETI Infloor System with Matching Floor Mats

The client of a well-known architect in Germany wanted a unique boot and shoe cleaning solution for the main entrance of its semi-conductor plant. Considering the need to keep the highly sensitive plant environment as clean as possible, the architect recommended a built-in JETIcleaner Infloor automatic brush machine, which is installed even with the surface of the floor, and which reduces shoe and boot soils by well over 90 per cent.

In addition, the architect also recommended color-coordinated floor mats, also supplied by JETI, for additional cleaning performance and a nice visual touch. “The client was very pleased with the result,” says JETI President and CEO Thorsten Gebauer. “The front entrance now has an effective and attractive boot and shoe cleaning system that does an outstanding job in preventing humidity, snow, dust, dirt and other environmental contaminants from entering the plant.”

Lens Manufacturer Opts for JETIcleaner and Innovative Fans to Eliminate Dirt and Dust

A high-end glass engineering company in Stuttgart, Germany, that specializes in producing phone camera lenses and telescopes, has installed a JETIcleaner Infloor shoe and boot cleaning system together with a sophisticated fan exhaust system to protect its front entrance from soils, including dust.

“Automated JETIcleaner Infloor brushes, which are installed flush to the floor, do a great job of cleaning shoe and boot soles,” says Thorsten Gerbauer, President and CEO of JETI. “But with any automated system, dust is produced that needs to be captured and eliminated so it doesn’t enter the plant.”

In competitive systems, fans collect and get rid of dust through exhaust pipes connected to the outside wall. In the case of the Stuttgart lens manufacturer, this was not possible. “Our challenge was to come up with a recirculating fan solution that could filter the dust and then capture it in secure storage containers for regular manual disposal,” says Gebauer.“The fans are based on a design used for the powerful blowers that cool engines inside high-speed locomotives.”

The results have been impressive. The fans are extremely quiet—rated at only 55 decibels—and extract fine dust to a height of 50 cm above JETIcleaner brush surfaces.

U.S. Food Producer Chooses Combined Washing/Disinfecting for Better Hygiene, Employee Safety

Food plants everywhere are implementing advanced hygienic measures to ensure food safety. One area is effective boot and shoe cleaning.

In many cases, automated units use water in their brush systems to provide on-going cleaning action. The problem with water, however, is it can splash upward onto shoe soles and be carried into the plant, creating contamination and falling risks for employees.

“For this reason, a prominent food manufacturer in Wisconsin wanted a shoe cleaning system that uses a minimum amount of water,” notes Thorsten Gebauer, President and CEO of JETI. “To meet this need, we modified our JETIcleaner Premium unit to use a fine disinfectant mist instead of water that leaves no moisture residue on the floor.“

The mist disinfects the brushes after each employee uses the machine. Water is still used, but only at night or other downtime periods to wash the bristles, which are then allowed to dry thoroughly before the next shift.